Camaret - Captain wool cap (with stripes)

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Water repellent wool cap

Model: Camaret (with stripes on the palette and the outline)

"Captain" style with braided cord

Available colors: Navy and Black

Composition: 70% laine/ 30% polyamide

This timeless cap suits both women and men and can be worn on the bridge as well as on the sidewalks. Its water-resistant fabric paired with its quilted lining make the Camaret an ideal cap for cool, sunny or rainy weather. Proudly wear your Greek cap in any season, knowing that you are well dressed, well protected. Decorated with a black cord, embroidered bands and two anchor buttons.


Machine wash, hand wash and dry cleaning are excluded for felted merino virgin wool. In the event of a stain, blot with absorbent paper and clean with a soft brush or a natural sponge soaked in lukewarm water and Marseille soap, avoiding excessive wetting of the beret/cap and the leather brim. For drying, always lay the beret flat, with a paper inside, in the open air but away from light to preserve its shape and original color. Never dry your beret on a heat source.

Tip: To freshen up your beret/cap, apply a bit of dry shampoo, let it dry for a few moments then brush.


Felted merino wool is a material with exceptional qualities. However, it easily picks up dust, textile fibers and animal hair. We therefore recommend that you use an adhesive fabric brush.

Tip: Slightly moisten the palm of your hand and gently rub the surface of your beret/cap by forming circles, the dust will then form a ball that you will only have to remove to find a clean beret.

To best protect your beret/cap, it is recommended after each use to store it in a mothproof bag or to use a cedar ball.


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