SWIMS - Mobster Galosh Overboot

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SWIMS - Mobster Galosh Overboot

Rubber and neoprene shoe covers

Style: 11103

Available colors: Black, Navy

Coming to work in the morning on a muddy, Scandinavian day, we turn to Mobster, our rugged savior when our ankles, soles and hemlines are in danger. The natural rubber base provides unparalleled grip, while the fully waterproof neoprene upper fends off those surprise slush puddles before they ruin our mornings.

Technical specifications of the product

Keeps water and humidity out and dryness in, with a specially designed waterproof layer that resists rain, snow and slush for all-day comfort and wear.

Features specialized, protective construction to shield materials from the elements; provides durability and minimizes weather-related wear.

The specially designed and manufactured treads of the outsole provide better grip and safer mobility, allowing wearers to walk safely without the risk of slips or falls.

All SWIMS galoshes are made from natural rubber, which requires the same level of care as leather. To remove scratches and shine, we advise you to use a sponge and a silicone spray to gently clean the surface of your galoshes.


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