How do you recover a colored garment that has rubbed off in the wash by accident?

Your clothes came out of the washer pink or blue? Have color stains appeared on your shirt, sheet or dress after a wash? The color of one garment smeared onto another? Clever tips, trickseffective in safely recovering the original color of your laundry or of an accidentally rubbed off garment.

7 Ways to Fix Accidentally Bleached Laundry

To recover from a discoloration accident and regain the original color of the garment, 7 effective methods exist. But some, and especially the bleach bath, are delicate, so you have to follow our recommendations to the letter.

1 - Bleached water

This method works for linens and garments made of cotton, knitted wool and all natural fibres.

The only way to find the color of a garment that has faded during machine washing is to soak the garment or linen in a bath of hot water with bleach added (the content of a capful of bleach for one liter of water).

- Never let bleached laundry or clothing soak in bleach without paying attention.

- Don't take your eyes off the colored garment by accident, even for a second.

- Stir the garment often with a wooden spatula.

- At the slightest change in color, which may only take a few seconds, take the garment out as quickly as possible and immediately re-soak it in a bath of cold water.

- It is better to repeat this operation than to leave the garment too long in bleach.

 - Bleach smells very strong. After the stain removal, rewash the garment but be careful not to mix it with other dark or bright colored items of laundry which may re-stain it.

2 - Soda crystals

The soda ash, or sodium carbonate, remove unwanted colors from bleached white linen.

Soak the linen or garment for 1 to 2 days in a basin filled with hot water, with a bowl of crystals the salt.

Then rinse thoroughly.

3 - Baking soda

If the white garment or linen is not too stained, you can remove the stain by passing a nail brush soaked in hot water and sprinkled with baking soda.

Rinse the detached area first, then the garment completely.

vetement deteint

4 - Hot milk

My dark blue jeans rubbed off on white pajamas.

First I rubbed with stain remover, rinsed, then dipped the blue part in boiling milk.

The stain was gone in two minutes.

Warm milk is also great for acrylic stains.

5 - Bay leaf decoction

This is the most natural way to recover a faded garment.

Soak the faded garment or linen in a decoction of bay leaf (the one you use for cooking).

In a pot filled with water (about 2 liters) throw a dozen bay leaves.

Boil the water.

Turn off the hob. 

Leave to infuse for a quarter of an hour then immerse the colored garment in the cooled infusion.

Stir with a wooden spatula.

take it out clothes when the infusion is cold, wash normally.

6 - Baking powder

To recover colored laundry by accident, soak it in a basin filled with warm or hot water (depending on the fabric of the laundry or clothing) adding at least 4 sachets of baking powder, and a bowl of baking soda.

rméthode pour récupérer le linge déteint

Catch a colored piece of clothing by accident on a very small part  

Hands protected by household gloves, soak a clean, white cloth in bleach, wring it out so that it does not drip on the fabric.

Pass the cloth impregnated with bleach on the stains, by dabbing, being careful not to overflow.

Proceed in small steps.

But hurry! A few seconds are enough!

Even if the colored stains have not completely disappeared, rinse as soon as possible, using a damp cloth, proceeding in the same way, gently in small touches.

It is better to repeat this stain removal several times than to damage the garment.

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