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The COLLEGE men's cotton boxer shorts are plain multicolored organic cotton boxer shorts with a close-fitting boxer cut and rounded seams at the back that shape the buttocks.

The waistband is a wide Jacquard elastic band with the PULLIN logo on the front and a woven label on the back.

Model available with two types of bands:

  • Wide Jacquard elastic band waistband with the PULLIN logo on the front.
  • Wide elastic band waistband with Jacquard patterns and PULLIN logo centered on the front.

Characteristics of this men's boxer in multicolored cotton:

  • Main fabric: 95% ORGANIC COTTON 5% ELASTANE, knitted in Portugal
  • Wide jacquard elastic waistband, woven in France or Italy
  • Shaping and anti-irritation flatlock seams, product assembled in Portugal in a specialized workshop
  • Packaged in a recyclable and compostable cardboard box.

Our cotton is organic, it respects the environment and your health! Organic cotton is grown using organic techniques set by strict charters. The latter is grown on soil where no insecticide or herbicide has been used for at least three years. The absence of chemical pesticides in organic cotton crops is a huge advantage because the soils renew themselves more quickly and they do not present any danger to the surrounding species.

Cultivated with natural compost which replaces chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it is then GMO-free. In addition, the water consumption necessary for its cultivation is reduced by half compared to conventional cotton. The absence of chemical pesticides has the particularity of making the touch of this organic cotton more pleasant, which is softer and more flexible.

In its manufacturing process, the fiber is bleached with hydrogen peroxide and not with chlorine. The dyes made in Portugal by our OEKO-TEX certified manufacturer do not contain heavy metals or carcinogenic substances. The printing of our cotton knits is entirely made in France.


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