When you wash your wool or cashmere sweaters, you must use lukewarm water! (30°C/86°F)
Cold water in winter is like boiling water!
If water hurts your skin, it also hurts wool!
So your sweaters can tread!
Those with the larger woven fiber tend to move more so these should be hand washed.

You can use a wash tub or sink and the ideal is to use a natural detergent like Eucalan.

The advantage of this detergent is that you have to skip rinsing, so one maneuver less!
You can then either wring it by hand or by machine (with spin!).
Then when it is well wrung out you can dry it flat or on a hanger with padded shoulders.

It's good to wash your wools and cashmeres often! They will remain even more beautiful!

*There is also the possibility of dry cleaning but the smell of a washed sweater is so much more pleasant!


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